Seals-On-Wheels Oral Health Program

As an affiliate of Wisconsin Seal-A-Smile and Delta Dental of Wisconsin, Seals-On-Wheels Oral Health Program provides service to Southern Wisconsin school districts.

In the 2017-18 school year, Seals-on-Wheels screened 2,630 students and provided sealants to 1,507 children...over 5,300 teeth received sealants!

Seals-on-Wheels Oral Health Program is a FREE dental health program for Pre-K through 12th grade that visits schools throughout southern Wisconsin providing dental screenings, cleanings, fluoride varnish, and sealants.

This free mobile dentistry program is available for all students regardless of insurance status: private dental insurance, no insurance, or Medicaid/BadgerCare/Forward Health. No student is turned away.

How Seals-On-Wheels Oral Health Program Works:

Wisconsin Seal-A-Smile, which is affiliated with Children’s Health Alliance of Wisconsin, provides a grant each school year to fund the program, plus Medicaid helps with the expense of toothbrushes, toothpaste and other supplies. Participating schools distribute permission forms each fall, and any student is eligible to participate, regardless of insurance coverage, special needs, etc. Each school is visited three times per year with two of the visits being a varnish fluoride treatment and one is a cleaning, fluoride and sealant visit. No family is charged for this service since the only billing is sent to Forward Health of Wisconsin.

We Provide Free Sealants

Seals-On-Wheels Oral Health Program focuses on preventative care for 2nd through 6th grade children, but we encourage all students to sign up. These grades are especially important due to the eruption pattern of the first and second molars. When the molars erupt, they have deep grooves that easily catch bacteria and sugar, and it is difficult even with regular brushing to reach the bottom of these tiny and deep molar grooves. The sealants we offer act as a coating to help prevent cavities by filling in the grooves to create a smoother surface, making it easier to keep clean. The sealants do not completely prevent decay, so we recommend parents or guardians help their children brush and floss until they are at least 9 years to ensure proper technique. Also provided during your child's visit is a dental screening (performed without the benefit of x-rays), a cleaning, and a fluoride varnish (learn more about dental sealants).

Please feel free to contact our dental hygienist, Nikki Frisch, at any time with questions.