Seals-On-Wheels Oral Health Program

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Nikki L. Frisch ,  Program Director  Registered Dental Hygienist

Nikki L. Frisch,

Program Director

Registered Dental Hygienist

The Program Director and Registered Dental Hygienist, Nikki L. Frisch, began working in the mobile dentistry industry in 2011 when it was under the name Teeth for Life. In 2012, Seals-On-Wheels Oral Health Program was established, and they are now beginning their 8th year visiting schools across Southern Wisconsin (see Participating Schools for 2019-2020). Nikki also works at several Madison area pediatric dental offices as a substitute hygienist throughout the school year and during summer break.

Tashina Kroll

Tashina Kroll

Tashina Kroll (Registered Dental Hygienist) joined Seals-On-Wheels in the fall of 2016 and is now beginning her 4th year. With her help, the program has been able to expand its service to additional school districts and provide free dental service to more children.

Tashina started her career as a dental assistant before deciding to further her education and become a dental hygienist. She graduated from Madison College in 2016 earning an Associate Degree in Dental Hygiene.

Tashina has a passion for educating patients and helping them gain confidence by having a great smile.

Last year Seals-On-Wheels proudly welcomed Bev Hornischer (Dental Assistant), Tanya Kok (Registered Dental Hygienist), and Valinda Butson (Registered Dental Hygienist). Previously working under the Columbia County Health Department, Bev, Tanya, and Valinda provided dental services to 17 schools in Columbia County. These schools continued receiving the same services in 2018-19, but through the Seals-On-Wheels Oral Health Program. For the 2019-2020 school year, the Columbia County team also welcomed a 4th member to their team, Trina Simonson.